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Quality Food at Modest Prices is Mama's Style

A flyer of a comedy show on December 14th 2018 with a showtime of 8:30 PM. The comedy is at Mama Jennies Italian Restaurant located at 11720 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33161. It is hosted by Oriel Rodriguez with a line up including headliner Myq Kaplan, feature Fasil Malik, and guest Rudy Wilson. Please be advised there is a two-item minimum purchase.

On December 14th 2018 at 8:30 PM funny is coming to Mama Jennies. Our month Comedy Night hosted by Oriel Rodriguez includes a hilarious line up with headliner Myq Kaplan, feature Fasil Malik and guest Rudy Wilson. Please be advised there is a two item minimum purchase. Keep reading below to see the style of the comedians.





Myq Kaplan is a nationally recognized comedian having appeared on Conan, and Letterman Conan, Letterman, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing and Netflix. Check out his new comedy album No Kidding available on iTunes . His special Small, Dork and Handsome is available to watch on Amazon and previously Netflix. His podcast Broccoli and Ice Cream is available on Apple podcasts.



Fasil Malik has decided to hand off hosting duty to bring the funny! We love having him here at Mama Jennies! He has an easy going conversational comedic style and handles hecklers very well (wink wink).



Rudy Wilson is a newcomer to the Miami comedy scene from Atlanta. We look forward to seeing him make it in Miami and at Mama Jennies! He’s known as one of the most sought after comics in Miami.



Sabrina Piper is a stand up comedian, actress, and writer in New York City. She performs daily at various comedy clubs, bars, and alternative rooms around New York



Fasil handed off the hosting duties for this show to Oriel Rodriguez as he will be featuring so you’ll now get to see more of Fasil than ever before (Is that a good thing or bad thing; there’s only one way to find out)! He is a regular across the Miami comedy scene.