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Catering Services For Miami-Dade - Delicious

Located in the heart of Miami Shores, just minutes from Downtown Miami, is a fabulous Italian restaurant. We offer authentic Italian cuisine just like Mama used to make. If you live anywhere in Miami-Dade County, it is well worth the trip just to get a small taste of the delicious offerings we serve. Better yet, we offer fantastic catering services to the entire area.

Corporate catering is one of the specialties of Mama Jennies. Perhaps you are responsible for catering lunch in a large downtown law firm. Whether it is for a small group or a gathering of 100 people, the professional staff can supply you with a variety of delicious entrees. They also can bring some of their extra special pizzas and homemade garlic rolls for a more casual meal.

Florida catering services are available from many restaurants. In order to compete, we go a step beyond the rest, making sure the customer's every wish is fulfilled. If you are having a big birthday party at the office, they will make sure to bring a cake for the celebration. Parents can cater a pizza party for their children and their children's friends. Everything will be set up by the staff so all you will have to do is announce that it's time to eat. Don't worry, when the kids smell that delicious pizza, they will drop what they are doing and rush to the table for a hot slice.

Whether you are looking for a good Miami catering service for your office on Brickell Avenue in the heart of Miami or you are holding a party in Hollywood, there is no problem arranging for the food to be delivered hot and on time. The Broward catering service can have your food prepared fresh and delivered within an hour or less from the time it was cooked. The strategic location, roughly 15 minutes south of Downtown Ft. Lauderdale and 15 minutes north of Downtown Miami, assures that your food will always arrive fresh and hot from the oven.

Everyone loves pizza and if you have not tasted our famous pizza before, you are in for a real treat. Our Miami pizza delivery service is available not only in Miami Shores and North Miami, but in a wide surrounding area.

Catering is not new to the great folks at Mama Jennies. We have been cooking up great Italian food for meetings and special events for years. We have a rather extensive menu of classic Italian dishes as well as all types of delicious hand-tossed pizzas. For your next corporate luncheon, special event or big party, why not give us a call. You will not be disappointed.

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